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Mortgage available

Types of mortgages

CAFPI International, part of the CAFPI Group, acts on behalf of private individuals seeking a euro loan to purchase a property in France


Amongst other things, CAFPI looks at interest rates, both fixed and variable, capped or otherwise, and their repayment methods. It also negotiates the best Mortgage protection insurance in the event of death, injury and loss of earnings.

CAFPI can guarantee customers that its borrowing conditions will be more attractive than negotiating directly with their usual bank.

CAFPI gives you a helping hand to arrange the right loan

CAFPI examines all loans for each of its customers. We compare the most suitable loans and finally select the best depending on the customer’s profile.

CAFPI advisors

expert knowledge of all the loans currently on the market
rates management expertise
familiarity with all the players currently on the market
ability to negotiate – something that individuals cannot do on their own
ability to build up and present financial, legal and taxation strategies
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Mortgage finance in France, rate simulation and tax optimisation, rates comparison for financing your French property, house, apartment with cafpi. simulation French loan property simulator borrowing cafpi rates
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