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What types of mortgage can CAFPI offer me?...

We at CAFPI work with over 110 lenders, so the choice is almost endless. We can find fixed rate or variable rate mortgages, or you may prefer a combination.

How much can I borrow? ...

The maximum amount you can borrow depends on the value of your property (normally up to 80%, but in some cases 100% loans can be arranged) and your finances available for repayment. The best way to assess what you can borrow is to submit an application for a pre-approval certificate: Click here to go to the online form. Generally speaking, banks finance up to 80% of the purchase, but 90-100% mortgages are available at a premium. This will also depend on the income you have available for repayment.

What will it cost?

CAFPI can provide fixed and variable rate Mortgages. Fixed rates are just that – fixed for the term of the mortgage - so you will know from the start exactly how much you will have to pay per month right to the last repayment. Floating rates are reviewed regularly and can change thus the amount of your monthly payment or the term of the mortgage can change. In France variable rates with 1% or 2% security cap are readily available. CAFPI are experts at re-financing mortgages to enable you to have the best rate whether you opt for a fixed or variable mortgage rate.

How do I arrange my mortgage with CAFPI?

Please supply us with all your relevant information - Click here to go to the online form. You will receive a quotation and details of the most suitable loan for your individual circumstances. In order to submit your loan application to our banking partner(s) you will need to send us the supporting documents. For a general idea, see Required Documents. You will not need to come and see us as we can arrange everything over the Internet and/or over the telephone - always in English. The funds will be sent to your solicitor and will be available for the completion of your purchase. Required documents

How long will it take to sort everything out?

In most cases we are able to give you a pre-approval decision within 48 hours based on information you have provided. Once we have all your documents, we will submit your loan application to our banking partner(s) who will issue a preliminary offer. The paperwork, including insurance formalities, is exchanged during the statutory period of the Compromis (Preliminary Sales Agreement) usually 2-3 months. All the formalities will be completed in good time to ensure that the money is with your solicitor for completion. If you are at all concerned about getting your mortgage arranged send in an application form for pre-approval right away - Click here to go to the online form.

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