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There are so many loan forms to complete, legal complexities to understand, questions on the actual performance of proposed rates to be asked, etc.

All this eats up a great deal of time of you don’t get the help of a loans professional. You need patience and a great deal of knowledge across various subjects to finally own your own home.

I founded Cafpi over 35 years ago to make Mortgage-hunting easier and more accessible to everybody.

Cafpi’s role is to bring together all the solutions you need under one roof in order to fulfil your dream of getting the keys to your own home.

Based on a strategy that brings together the best prices and good quality, we have become a respected market leader for loans. Our company is a driving force in its industry. Cafpi is one of the main distributors of loans in France.

What matters to you is the level of your monthly repayments. Our partnership with over 90 European banks enables us to select the best rates for you, and that means the lowest possible monthly repayments.

But our job doesn’t finish there.
Our comprehensive approach to you financing also includes insurance and ongoing assistance once a financing arrangement has been made.

This advice and assistance will always be made available to you, thanks to our national neighbourhood network, or on, the second network offered by Cafpi.

Elie ASSOULINE, Founding Chairman

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